Max Steinberg Gets Past 2795 Players to Win His First WSOP Bracelet

Max Steinberg won his first ever World Series of Poker bracelet at the age of 23, in the no-limit hold ‘em poker event this year. With the bracelet, he also won a bounty of $440, 238 in the no limit hold ‘em poker event#33, which had a  $1,000 buy-in. The path to his first bracelet was not easy as he had to overcome a field of 2,795 players. In the last round, Steinberg had to defeat Samuel Geber in order to win the title and the highest ever prize money he has won in any event .

Nearly had it Two Years Ago

This is not the first time that Max Steinberg is featuring in the final round of a World Series of Poker event. A couple of years ago, he was the runner up in the same event. He watched his opponent Pascal Lefrancois, win his first WSOP bracelet at that time. So we can safely assume that he knows how Samuel Geber feels after the loss. Sadly for Geber, this is the second time he has failed to win the event and ended up in the second place.

WSOP 2012

Steinberg Was in His Elements

Steinberg was faced with some tough competition on his way to the bracelet, but there was calmness and an intent that was apparent throughout the final. He also had a positive attitude towards his wagers, a quality originating from his meditation practices. The nine people at the table were reduced to three as Steinberg proved his mettle. But his greatest threat was in the form of Matt Stout, especially when the number of heads at the table was reduced to three.

Overcoming the Man Destined To Win the Bracelet

Matt Stout, a WSOP regular, was the man who was touted to win the bracelet this year. That seemed to be how the game was headed, as Stout lead the three headed table, mostly at Geber’s expense. He doubled by an A-10 combo to Steinberg’s pair of 2-2. Geber was the one to lose the most as Stout gained chips, but the tide turned soon as Geber doubled at Stout’s expense thrice in a span of 30 minutes. Steinberg then completed the kill by winning Stout’s remaining chips and eliminating him to the third place.

Edge in Experience Won it For Steinberg

Steinberg made up for the lack of chip lead in the final round with his experience. His online poker experience came to the fore during many of his hands, especially during the final hand. He tempted the Swiss poker pro to go all-in after he flopped with a 4-3 on a board holding K-4-3 combo. Geber took the bait and Steinberg gleefully called it with a 10-10 and watched the winning set being panned out.

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