Online Poker Bonuses

Almost all online poker rooms offer a range of poker bonuses that players can benefit from. These bonuses serve to maximize your cash flow during the time that you play with the site. Poker bonuses are designed to enhance your gaming experience at the website, as they reward you for the time you spend at the poker room. One of the most widely offered bonuses at real money online poker rooms is the sign-up bonus. To avail this, you will have to register with the poker room and make a deposit with them. The online poker room will then offer you a certain percentage of the deposit you make as bonus. It can then be used for playing at the site. Most often, online poker rooms issue a bonus code that has to be fed at the site to avail the bonus. In addition to sign-up bonuses, there is a range of other online bonuses that you may come across at poker rooms.real money poker bonuses

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is a variation of the sign up bonus in that, for this bonus to be offered to patrons, the poker room does not require a deposit. By merely signing up at the poker room, you will be offered a certain number of credits or points which can be used to play at the poker room. One of the benefits of opting for a no deposit bonus is that you get to play a range of games without depositing money at the poker room. A second benefit is that if you are a novice, you will get the opportunity to play and learn the game sans investment.

Rakeback bonus

A rakeback bonus offers players the opportunity to retrieve a certain percentage of the money they lose as part of the rake. Sometimes rakeback bonuses offer patrons the opportunity to win back as much as 40% of the rakes. Also, unlike other bonuses, a rakeback bonus does not expire and you can continuously rakeback a percentage at each game you play at the poker room. Owing to these aspects, the bonus is one of the most beneficial.

How to clear an online poker bonus

Clearing a poker bonus refers to getting what the bonus offers you at the outset. This is significant at poker rooms as a poker room generally deposits the bonus amount only after you meet a few conditions. So, if a poker room promises you a hundred percent on your first deposit, then the whole amount will be deposited to your account when you fulfill certain criteria. The points are generally deposited in an account designated to hold bonuses. To have the points transferred from this account to your account, you will have to clear the bonus.

To clear the bonus, you have to play a certain number of poker hands at the site. When this is achieved, the bonus amount will be sent to your regular account. So, if a site requires that you play 1000 hands to have 100 pounds credited to your account, you will have to do this. The number of hands you are required to play will be contingent on the site you play with. Some sites may require that you generate at the same amount as your bonus, through rakes. Other sites may allow you to clear the bonus by playing not only their poker games but also their tournaments.

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