Henry Lu Wins WSOP No Limit Hold’em Event #43

In an unexpected turn of events, Henry Lu won the $1,500 buy-in no-limit Hold’em WSOP event # 43, outplaying favorites Neil Channing and James Mackey. Lu was almost eliminated in the in the penultimate round and  was reduced to a blind and a chair in the event with 11 handed play. But he managed to make it to the final table by tripling with pocket sevens, keeping his chances alive.

The Turn of Events of the Final Table

Jared Rosenbaum was the first one to be eliminated from the final table when he went all-in with his chips during the pre-flop, 15 minutes into the game. He was holding an A-4, when Neil Channing called with pocket queens. But the board came up with a Q-J-2-2-K set, making Rosenbaum the first casualty of the final round.

Balazs Botond was the first player to make an exit after the first break, as he went all-in with pocket sixes and lost to pocket nines held by John Nelson, when the board dealt K-Q-J-7-A. Soon, Hovan Nguyen went all in on the pre-flop while he was holding a J-4 combo. But Channing had the more dominant combination with an A-J while the board dealt 9-9-7-8-5. Nguyen was eliminated and had to contend with sixth place.

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Channing Was the Aggressor at All Times

At the dinner break, it was Channing who was in the lead with 6.52 million worth chips in his account. None of the other players at the table, including Lu, had more than 3 million. Channing was the most dominant player at the table, eliminating two other players with his aggressive play and clever strategy. All the while, Lu silently survived and moved on to higher places on the table.

Tom Alner had to bow out in fourth position, when he rested all his hopes on a J-8. But Channing was in no mood to yield and had a better combination of A-9. The board also dealt out a 9-3-2-3-K, giving Channing almost 75% of the chips in play.

The Final Heads-Up

The final heads-up was between Channing and Lu. Both were pretty slow off the blocks but Lu doubled up soon with an A-Q against the A-J of Channing. This sent Lu’s tally from 2.25 million to 5 million in a single round. Channing started losing out gradually and in the final hand, Lu’s 4-4 outclassed Channing’s A-J with the board dealing out Q-3-2-K-3, giving Lu is first WSOP bracelet.

Lu Exceeded His Own Expectations

Lu was understandably elated and said that he never expected himself to do well because this was just his second WSOP event. He said that the pressure was off as he never expected he could make it even to the next round, let alone win a bracelet. But now, this 22 year old is one poker player to watch out for in the future tournaments.

Max Steinberg was another player to win a WSOP bracelet at a young age of 23. Click here to read more about it.

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