Joey Weissman Wins His First WSOP Bracelet through Event #46

Joey Weissman may be having a hard time with his personal finances, but his WSOP venture became successful as he dominated the final table and won event #46, the $2,500 No Limit Hold’em Poker. This was his first ever WSOP win and he did it in style, dominating the play in many of the hands. He played a major role in eliminating most of his opponents, unlike the trend we have witnessed in WSOP-2012 so far.

Joe Gualtieri Eliminates Konstantin Puchkov

Konstantin Puchkov was the first casualty of the final table, getting eliminated by a smart move from Joe Gualtieri. This happened after only a few minutes of play in the final round of the event. Puchkov raised on the pre-flop from Gualtieri, but the flop disappointed him when it panned out as J-8-2. Puchkov was holding pocket queens and went all-in on the turn. But Gualteri had already trumped Puchkov as he was holding pocket kings to Puchkov’s pocket queens. Both the turn and river were in favor of Gualtieri and Puchkov was eliminated.

WSOP 2012

Weissman Makes His First Kill

Pedraza literally committed poker suicide at the time the blinds were being raised, as his mistimed bluff totally bombed on him. On the turn, Pedraza check-raised Weissman when the board was reading 6-6-5-A. On the 3, Pedraza went all-in hoping Weissman would fall for the bluff, but Weissman had other plans as he gladly got in his chips. He showed pocket aces to Pedraza’s Q-8 combo, making it a full house in his favor and eliminating Pedraza.

Jeremy Quehen Dominates Before Being Taken Down By Weissman

Weissman went heads-up against Jeremy Quehen with more than 9 million of the total 12 million worth chips in play. But things started going bad for Weissman when he lost a flip holding pocket sixes against Quehen’s K-7 combo. Quehen took advantage of this by flopping a 7-pair with a diamond draw, to win the hand and almost went even with Weissman. Quehen even went ahead of Weissman when he called with a Q-8, when the board read A-9-2-3-Q, and it seemed that Quehen was heading for the win.

Weissman Makes a Comeback

Weissman pulled back a little with pocket threes, which outplayed Quehen’s A-7 combo. He continued winning small pots without showdowns and took a small lead over Quehen.

The final board was open with  Q-5-3-7-J, and Quehen had already matched Weissman on the flop and the turn too. He had raised with a 2 million on the river and Weissman thought long and hard before going all-in. Quehen could not call him on this and before he realized it, Weissman tabled an A-J against Quehen’s A-T. This sealed the game in Weissman’s favor.

Two other players in their 20s, Joe Cassidy and Brian Meinders, dominated WSOP 2012. Click here to read more about them.

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