Dominik Nitsche Wins Event #59 at WSOP-12

Dominik Nitsche, a German national, won the $1K buy-in No Limit Poker Hold’em event and won his first WSOP bracelet for the year 2012 along with $654,797 prize money. Nitsche was never considered as a contender and the attention was piled on Alex Cordero, who was the chip leader on the third day, event #1 winner Chiab Saechano, and Jake Cody, a 2011 WSOP winner. However, only Cordero qualified for the final table,  ending up in third place. Nitsche came out of the blue with some excellent card play to ensure that he went home richer than he was when he came in.

Cody’s Run ends with an Overconfident All-In

Jake Cody was eliminated in the 35th place by Daniel Eichhorn, when he moved in his complete 154,000 chips against a pair of Eichhorn’s. Cody was not to be blamed for a move at such an early stage when he was holding an A-Q. But Eichhorn had luck on his side as Cody did not improve on the next draw. Although Eichhorn took over the chip lead with this elimination, Cordero snatched it back while eliminating Sohale Khalili. Khalili was in a good position with his A-K while Cordero was holding an A-Q combo. The hearts clinched it for Cordero as the board had four hearts and Cordero’s Q was in the hearts suit. Khalili was left licking his wounds in the 29th place.


Nitsche Eventually Takes the Chip Lead

Dominik Nitsche, who wasn’t involved in any of the earlier eliminations, acquired the chip lead when he eliminated             Yoav Tanenbaum in the 14th place. The unlucky 13th person to be eliminated was Iakov Onuchin. Randolph Lanosga was the one who did the honors as Onuchin, with pocket aces, went against Lanosga’s Q-J. Onuchin was all set for a double, but the board came out in Lanosga’s favor with 5-Q-3-6-J.

Nitsche in Full Flow in the Final Table

Nitsche did not waste any time in the final table and continued to extend his chip lead through multiple eliminations. He eliminated Eichhorn in the 9th place, Miller in the 8th place and Frankie Johnson in the 6th place.

Randy Lanosga was the next on Nitsche’s hit list as he eliminated him and his pocket sixes, with pocket jacks. Sebastian Comel was the next to go, his A-Q not holding up against Nitsche’s pocket nines. Hilton eliminated Cordero and reduced the table to two, leaving him and Nitsche to battle it out for the title.

Hilton Goes Down Fighting

Although Hilton tried to stall Nitsche, he failed to win any significant pots, which ensured that Nitsche stayed in the lead. However, he hit back with consecutive doubles. On the third occasion when he looked in good shape for another double, he went in completely while holding an A-8 against Nitsche who was down with a K-5. But the board came out in Nitsche’s favor as 3-J-Q-10-9, giving Nitsche the bracelet and the $654,797 prize money.

Another German to win a WSOP-12 bracelet was Jan-Peter Jachtmann. Click here to know more about him and his wins.


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