Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi Wins $50K PPC Event #45

Michael Mizrachi acquired his third WSOP bracelet, and the second bracelet for the very same event, when he outclassed Chris Klodnicki in the final heads-up play round of the $50,000 PPC at the WSOP. Mizrachi was not the hot favorite considering the class of the players he was faced against, and fans hoped for a tough fight before the winner was decided. However, the game did not even go past dinner break and players tumbled like bowling pins. In the end, Mizrachi relived his 2010 triumph by winning the Chip Reece Memorial Trophy, a WSOP gold bracelet along with the winner’s prize money.

Mizrachi Eliminates Two Competitors in a Single Round

Action started getting spiced up after a couple of hands in the final round, with a pot which could go three-ways and two players who were all-in. Bruno Fitoussi was one of the players who went all-in with a bet of 170,000. Mizrachi raised from the big blind to 400,000 after Bill Chen called. Mizrachi again called quickly as Chen went all-in with more than 1.2 million. Although Fitoussi held a couple of live cards, 8 and 7, Chen was bleeding with an A-K combo. But Mizrachi had the winning ticket with an Ace pair, which made both the all-in players’ sets inferior and sent them packing.

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Mizrachi Continues Taking Down Opponents

Mizrachi was also involved in eliminating the next player, Stephen Chidwick. When he raised to 72,000, Mizrachi responded with a call. On the flop, Chidwick laid down 60,000 with the board reading 8-8-2.

He then went all-in at the turn with a 3 of hearts, using all his 230,000 worth of chips. He had a K-K-5-4 which was lower than the flopped fullhouse of Mizrachi, which was A-4-8-2. Chidwick was praying for two out cards which would allow him to continue the game. Unfortunately for him, on the river, a 3 came out ending his bid for the title.

Players With Top-Three Entry Level Chip Counts Make Up the Final Three

Andy Bloch, Michael Mizrachi and Chris Klodnicki had the top chip counts coming into the final table and they constituted the final three also. Mizrachi had a slight edge over the other two but at that point of time, it looked like anyone could have won the championship.

After Bloch was eliminated, Klodnicki went all in on the pre-flop. Mizrachi had the Q-J-9-8 to Klodnicki’s A-J-9-2. Although they both picked up two cards each from the draw of 10-10-7, Mizrachi got his straight off the turn with a 6. The A on the river sealed it for Mizrachi and Klodnicki had to be happy with the second place.

Henry Lu was another player who came from behind to win a bracelet in Event #43. You can read more about it here.

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