Dropout from Maryland College Makes the Finals of WSOP

Among the nine players contesting for the grand prize of a staggering $8.5 million is a dropout from the Maryland University, Laurel. Greg Merson qualified for the finals of the World Series of Poker Championship on Monday in Vegas.

Speaking on the phone, Merson reacts to his accomplishment of reaching the finals of the main event at the World Series of Poker. At just twenty minutes past ten in the morning, Greg sounded as if he was still lost in his dreams, which made sense as he also won a stunning $1.1 million at a tournament in the WSOP last week.

He says that he doesn’t even think he realizes what is happening, in a typical twenty four year old man’s voice, lying in bed and holding the phone to his ear. He says he just feels ultra lucky. “Legend” was the word used to describe his acts in the following day’s headlines, owing to his play on Monday night which included an awesome straight-over-straight win. Greg received props on Twitter from Michael Phelps, the superstar Olympian. Norman Chad, the ESPN commentator also remarked that the kid was pretty impressive. He continued saying that Greg just seemed to have placed himself in a zone and was on an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime run.


While Merson’s vary of that, he says that it would be a complete “crapshoot” to win the main event. He joins few Marylanders in the final round on hot streaks in the crapshoot department, including Steve Dannenmann and David Moon, both of whom finished second.

When Dannenmann was asked earlier if there was a particular reason whyMarylandoften produces dramatic, out of the blue, unbelievable streaks, he says that it’s probably just down to “dumb luck”. For almost a year now, Merson has made Toronto his home so that he can be allowed to play online legally. His routine is simple, according to him. He wakes up, plays poker, has lunch, works out, showers and plays poker again before calling it a day. He is headed back home after his heroics, and will be back in time for the finals.

Greg Merson says that he has been really homesick for most part of this year. He sounded a tad perkier when he said that, too. He is very happy with how the tournament has gone for him, and with good reason. He believes that he has surpassed expectations and is now just waiting for it all to sink in. He says that when he meets his parents again, he can’t wait to hug his mom. He says that this is awesome, and it always feels great to make his parents proud. Click here to find out more.


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