Gregory Merson Wins Six-Handed No Limit Hold’em Event #57

Gregory Merson won the six handed No-Limit Hold’em event #57 of World Series of Poker 2012. The buy-in for this event was $10,000 and it took Merson just over three days to complete his game and ensure that he won a  final bracelet of WSOP 2012. Merson had almost reached the final table in Event #28, when he was eliminated as the bubble boy. This time around, he looked more determined than ever, which was evident from his style of play. This win was his first ever at the WSOP.

Nick Maimone Eliminated in 9th Place

Merson was quick to stamp his authority over the final table, when he eliminated Nick Maimone to reduce the number of players standing a chance of a win to eight. Merson was holding an A-9 combo and called the three-bet push of Maimone. Unfortunately for Maimone, his K-J could not beat Merson’s A-9 as the board came out 8-3-2-6-10 and he had to settle for the 9th place.

WSOP 2012

Merson Takes the Chip Lead by Eliminating Layne Flack

Layne Flack was the next player to be eliminated by Merson. On the next hand after Maimone was eliminated, both Flack and Merson got into a battle of raises on the pre-flop, which saw some serious money put into the ring. The raising spree ended when Flack pushed a five-bet, which amounted to almost 35 times the big blind. He was looking good with a 10-10 pair.

Merson held an A-K, and the only way he could win was if the board came out without a 10.  Fortunately for Merson, the board showed K-J-9-3-5, which eliminated Flack to the 8th place. The atrocious betting round also gave Merson a chip lead which he did not relinquish and took it till the end.

Merson Continues to Take Charge

Andrew Lichtenberger was the next person Merson eliminated on his charge to the podium. Lichtenberger was holding an A-K to Merson’s A-Q. The flop was K-J-6 which improved Lichtenberger’s chances of winning the pot. However, it was Merson’s day as a 10 on the turn gave Merson the better hand. The heart on river was of no consequence and Lichtenberger was eliminated.

Eddy Sabat and Shannon Shorr were the next two players to be eliminated. There was a bit of resistance on offer but Merson’s aggressive strategy ensured that the other two did not stand a chance.

Merson Comes Back on the Fourth Day to Round off the Win

The third day failed to produce a winner and Merson had to go home needing just a single hand to win the title. Keith Lehr was his opponent and the play was in Merson’s favor when the flop came out 10-9-10, with Merson holding K-9 to Lehr’s A-Q. The turn was a Q, which sent some jitters into the Merson camp. But the J on the river gave Merson his first WSOP bracelet and it took just one hand on the final day to round off an impressive win.

Joey Weissman was another player who won his first ever WSOP bracelet this year. Click here to find out more about it.


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