WSOP Main Event Day 3: Level 11, 12 and 13 – How they Fared

When Day 3 of the Main Event started, the field was strong at 1,738; however, by the end of the day, it was brought down by over 200.

Level 11

Having finished Day 1B and 2B in 9th and 17 places respectively, Jason Somerville started Day 3 Level 11 in a better place, which improved as the game proceeded. In the lead was Gaelle Baumann, who added to her chip stack to bring it up to close to 550,000. As Somerville, Baumann and a handful players tried to improve their positions at the table, others like Pius Heinz and Peter Eastgate did not make it past Level 11.

WSOP 2012

In a blind against blind confrontation, Phil Galfond was at an advantage when a few of his opponents allowed him to add to his stack without putting up much of a fight. In a hand where 4,200 was already in the pot, and the board had 8-4-2, Surapaneni Ramanadharao added 8,400 and Galfond called.

After a re-raise from Ramanadharao, Galfond raised and bet, but his opponent went all-in. With 4-2 in hand and 3-J on the board, Galfond’s two pair bested Ramanadharao’s hand. The former added 250,000 to his stack. Another player who improved her chip count during the level was Maria Ho, who was quite strong when she started the day.

Level 12

At Level 12, Ho slid down the ranks when she encountered two hands that reduced her stack to 140,000 from the 198,500 she started with. Liv Boeree took the position of the big stack when she upped her chips to 400,000. When the field started dwindling, Boeree went to work with the 100,000 plus chips she had. Four hours later, the player had increased her stack by four times.

Another player who enhanced his chip count was Jason Calacanis, an entrepreneur and angel investor. Having faced a stage where he had just 11,000, he moved to Galfond’s table. After a discussion with the pro player, Calacanis took some risky steps that saw him sit back with 72,000.

The highlights of the level included Alessio Isaia and John Juanda doubling-through their opponents. Isaia had one of the biggest stacks later in the level when he brought it up to 385,000. So did Juanda who doubled-through Alex Outhred to accumulate 210,000.

Level 13

The level saw AJ Jejelowo go over the 700,000 chip mark before dinner. However, after the break, it was Armando Fernandez at the head of the table. Fernandez had a good run when he eliminated one of the biggest threats, Jerry Yang, a former Main Event Championship title holder. A few players did not fare too well at the felt; they were Bernard Lee, Johnny Chan and Bryan Pellegrino. To find out about the events that took place on Day 2B, click here.


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