Jesse Sylvia Leads in Final 2012 WSOP Event

In the World Series of Poker 2012, the highest scoring players for the final table have been set. On October 28, the event will recommence with nine male players who beat out almost 6600 players. With more than 43,800,000 chips, Jesse Sylvia will lead the table in the final main event.

Remaining Two Female Players, Hille and Baumann, Eliminated

In the past seventeen years, since Barbara Enright in 1995, there has not been a female player who has participated in the final event of the WSOP. Although there were 27 players left at the beginning of Day 7, the world had its eyes on the two remaining female players, Elisabeth Hille and Gaelle Baumann.

The first to be eliminated was Hille who secured the 11th place in the event. For 3,465,000, Hille made a three-bet-all-in on her last hand against Andras Koronknai, who, from the cutoff, opened to 605,000. In response to the call made by Koronknai, Hille’s A-Q was racing against Koronknai’s two black 7s. In subsequent play, Hille received a 3 on the river, which was not enough. Hille finished in 11th place with a total of $590,442.


All Hopes Rested on Baumann

With Hille crashing out, it was up to Baumann to secure the first female position in years in the final WSOP table. But, Baumann’s time in the tournament came to a halt with the 15th hand. From the hijack seat, Baumann opted for an all-in for 5,200,000 as she found herself to be short-stacked.

Although she had chosen to go for the blinds and the antes in the prior hands, this time, unfortunately, she selected Koronknai with his intimidating A-J. It was hoped that a nine would reveal itself, but it was not to be and the final event of the 2012 WSOP would now feature an all-male table.

Spotlight on Women Players in 2012 WSOP

This year, the WSOP showcased several brilliant female players who stood out among the rest. In Event #41, Jackie Glazier caught the attention of everyone as she secured a position as runner-up. Another female player that entered the limelight was Vanessa Selbst, who received her second WSOP bracelet.

With Hille and Baumann coming so close to gaining a place in the final table, women’s poker has, once again, enhanced the WSOP events. Although the two female players who almost made it to the finals were relatively unknown before, they will soon become household names in the poker industry.

Jess Sylvia Leads in the Final Table; Andras Koronknai in Second Place

On October 28, all eyes will be on Jess Sylvia, with his impressive number of chips totaling 43,875,000. This is 14,500,000 more chips than his European counterpart, Andras Koronknai, who is in second place at the moment. The other players who make up the final table in WSOP 2012 include Steven Gee, Greg Merson, Jacob Balsiger, Russell Thomas, Robert Salaburu, Jeremy Aumus and Michael Esposito. Although they are not well-heard of, these players have secured their place sin the final table purely on basis of their merit.

Jaffrey Shulman was another woman player who broke the men’s winning streak at WSOP ’12. Click here to read more about it.


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