Winner of to Seven Triple Draw $1,500 Event – Randy Ohel

When the unofficial table of the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw $1,500 event was formed with nine contenders, some of them caught the attention of the audience, but for different reasons. Von Altizer was gearing up to become the seventh female poker player to enter a WSOP event this year, and to then go on to break the long spell of women players not taking the top spot in the tournament.

Two of the best poker players to not have made their first place wins at the tournament, Shawn Buchanan and David Baker, were looking to earn their first bracelet. Others, like Layne Flack, Josh Arieh and Farzad Bonyadi, who already have at least one bracelet to their credit, were hoping to add another. However, none of these players met these expectations.

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Instead, the winner of the event was Randy Ohel, a player who is quite new to the tournament scene when compared to some of the players at the final table. His heads-up opponent too, was a player who had not caught the poker circuit’s eye till he made it to the final rounds against Ohel. Heads-up play between him and Ben Lazer lasted for close to six hours, after which he bagged over $145,00 and a bracelet.

Unofficial final table

The unofficial table busted when Arieh and Flack were sent to the rails in 8th and 9th places respectively. Shawn Buchanan left the table with $20,322 in sixth place. His exit was followed by those of Jason Lavallee and Farzad Bonyadi, in fifth and fourth places, with $28,585 and $40,987 respectively. Baker was sent out of the game in third with close to $60,000. For his second place finish, Lazer earned nearly $90,000.

When the game entered heads-up play, Lazer and Ohel traded chips to find themselves in the place of the chip lead one hand and that of the short-stack the next.

Official final table

At the beginning of the official final table, Buchanan was the short-stack and stayed so till he was eliminated. Lazer made a bet which Buchanan called. The former drew to one and the latter, three, which made Buchanan check-call his opponent’s wager. The two played the hand till Buchanan revealed his final draw card which had a deuce. This saw Buchanan leave the game with the first in-the-money finish. Lazer was respinsible for the next elimination too.

A few hands later, David Baker called a bet by Bonyadi from the big blind. In the hand, both players drew one and Baker called his opponent’s wager. Bonyadi drew another while Baker opted to stand at. This brought a check from Bonyadi, followed by a bet from his opponent and a call from himself. Baker tabled a hand, but Bonyadi mucked. However, just a short while later, Baker made his way to the rail when he played against Ohel. Then, it was heads-up play between Ohel and Lazer. Read about other poker tournaments at the WSOP, at

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