Vanessa Selbst Emerges Victorious in WSOP-12 Event #52

After a long wait, women poker enthusiasts had something to cheer about at the WSOP-12. Vanessa Selbst became the first woman to win a WSOP bracelet in an open event, when she won the  6-handed ten game mix WSOP event # 52 with a $2,500 buy-in. Incidentally, Selbst was the last woman to win an open event at the WSOP, when she had emerged victorious way back in 2008.

Selbst Had a Tough Opposition to Overcome

Event #52 saw some big names coming into its final day and Selbst had to fight them to go all the way. The names included Chris Bjorin, Mike Gorodinsky and Scott Clements. Selbst did not seem intimidated by these players, as she methodically worked her way up the ladder, without attracting too much attention or action. She was still in an excellent position when she reached the final table with a healthy chip lead.


Julian Renard Was the First Casualty of the Final Table

Selbst made her intentions clear right from the unofficial final table, by being involved in the elimination of Julian Renard. In the seven card stud round, Renard’s 2-pair came up against Selbst’s 8-pair which sent Renard packing.

Mike Gorodinsky was the next to go in anOmahapot-limit round. Both Gorodinsky and Selbst went all-in with their money when the board dealt K-4-2. Selbst had the nut-flush draw and the middle pair of A-9-3-4 that she was holding, while Gorodinsky had the two top pairs with K-7-6-4. A five of hearts came out on the turn which gave Selbst a nut flush and made her hand the best amongst the two. Gordinsky was eliminated as the river turned out to be a brick.

Tommy Hang, the Only Player Not Eliminated By Selbst

Tommy Hang, Michael Saltzburg and Vanessa Selbst were the top three players at the final table. Incidentally, Hang was eliminated by Saltzburg with Selbst was sidelined as a spectator to the only elimination of the final round. Saltzburg eliminated Hang in the stud round with his full house, when Hang was drawing dead cards. This meant that Saltzburg had a face-off against Selbst in the final heads-up play. Selbst had an overwhelming 10:1 chip lead against Slatzburg, as she went into the heads-up round.

2 to 7 Limit Triple Draw Final Hand

Selbst opened during the final hand only to see the bet being called by Saltzburg. Saltzburg drew a couple of cards while Selbst drew only one. After drawing, Saltzburg made a bet, and was raised by Selbst. He matched it by calling the bet. On the final draw, Saltzburg was forced to move all-in. Selbst showed 7-5-4-3-2 for a nuts and it was game over for Saltzburg.

Another woman, Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, broke the men’s winning streak in the Senior’s World Championship of WSOP. Click here to read more about it on


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