John Monette Wins Second Gold Bracelet in Career at the WSOP

John Monette, a professional poker player, earned his second gold bracelet at the WSOP on Tuesday when he won the 7-Card Stud World Championship, which was a $5,000 buy-in event. He bagged prize money of $190,826 after besting a field of 145 players. Among them, were several former bracelet winners. Of the sixteen players who went on to make in-the-money finishes, eight were title holders. Despite facing such a formidable field, Monette was quite confident during the event.

Monette Played Against Several Former Bracelet Winners

To win the title in event 10, the player went through Perry Friedman and Jeffrey Lisandro, a five time bracelet winner who also earned the title of Player of the Year in the 2009 WSOP. Besides them, one of the toughest competitors at the table was Huu Vinh, who has impressed many with his appearances at final table events in this year’s WSOP. Both events in which he became a final tabler, were stud poker games. The first was a Seven-Card Stud tournament with a $1,500 buy-in, in which he finished in 5th place. When the final table commenced, Monette was in the lead. However, his position was challenged a few times by Vinh.

Five other bracelet winners besides Friedman, Monnette, and Lisandro made their in-the-money finishes. They were Nick Schulman, Cyndy Violette, Eugene Katchalov, Mike Sexton and Max Pescatori. The cash was Sexton’s 3rd best sixteen in-the-money finishes in the 2012 WSOP, making it the top in the unofficial category of deep runs at the tournament.


Final Table Game-Play Took Less Time than Anticipated

Monette went through the final table in the 7-Card Stud World Championship in just five hours, which was less than what many predicted it would take to complete the event. Monette, who has registered for several upcoming events, is one of the players to lookout for in this year’s WSOP. One of the games that many believe he will win is the 8-Game Mix, which will require a buy-in of $2,500. Monette had previously entered Event 4 in this year’s WSOP, which saw him make a deep run and finish in 12th place.

The player rarely makes it to the news when he is not in the WSOP. A key reason for this is – he does not play many No Limit Hold’em games, which are generally the only variants covered by the media. Most of the games he opts for are Limit and Mixed games. According to Monnette, though he won in Stud events at the WSOP, it is not one of his strong suits. He stated that he prefers draw variants, many of which are not offered at the WSOP.

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