Simon Charette at the Top of 6-Mix Max Event

On the last day of the No Limit Hold’em 6-Mix Max event with a $3,000 buy-in, eighteen players were in contention for the top prize. It took a few hours for the table to be brought down to the final six. But in that time, some of the notable professional players like Scott Montgomery, Freddy Deeb, Eugene Katchalov and Andrew Lichtenberg were eliminated. The only other top pros remaining in the game were Bertrand Grospellier and Foster Hays, who were playing to win their second bracelet at the WSOP. However, neither took home the bracelet; instead, Simon Charette did. This was his first bracelet at a WSOP event, and it brought him $567,624.

WSOP 2012

Goal – to become a good poker player

Charette stated that his key goal in winning the event is to earn a place in the tournament circuit as a regular, good player. He believes that he is not extraordinary at the felt, and that he doesn’t match up to the likes of players like Jason Mercier. However, he mentioned that he will be very happy if people consider him a good player.

Final table

Just ten minutes after the final table was formed, Grospellier, who has been among the top players was eliminated in sixth place when he went all-in with 260,000. This move was called by Artem Metalidi. Grospellier had pocket sevens, which did not have a chance of winning against the A-K in Metalidi’s hand on a K-8-4-3-9 board when his opponent landed another K. This took the game into five-handed play, which lasted for over three hours. It came to an end when Hays was eliminated in fifth at the hands of Metalidi.

Hays went all-in with 5-4 against the A-8 Metalidi had. When Q-Q-3-7-9 showed up on the board, Hays was sent to the rail. After this, the game picked up speed and a number of big hands were played. One such was when Charette made a 100,000 raise which was three-bet by Luis Rodriguez Cruz with 230,000, and four-bet by Eddie Blumenthal with 620,000. Of them, Charette and Bluemthal went up against each other, and the latter was sent out in fourth.

The next to leave was Cruz, who doubled up in one hand despite being short stacked. When faced with a raise from Charette with 125,000, the player went all in with the million remaining in his hand. On a K-9-7-9-A board, Cruz’s 6-6 lost to Charette’s A-8.

Heads-up play

This brought the game to heads-up play, where Metalidi played against Charette, who was in the chip lead thanks to Cruz’s elimination. Two hands down, from the button, Charette made a raise of 125,000 and Metalidi placed a 350,000 three-bet which was four-bet to 600,000. Metalidi went all-in with A-2, which did not improve his hand against the two pair that Charette was able to make with his pocket pairs and the K-J-9-8-J on the board.

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