Recap of Day Seven at the WSOP Main Event

The final table for the main event at the WSOP (World Series of Poker) is set. One Hungarian and eight Americans will pit their wits against each other in a bid to become the future world champion and the group is led by Jesse Sylvia.

How it started

27 hopefuls were looking to fill the 9 seats at the beginning of Day Seven. Chip leaders from Day Six, Daniel Strelitz and Marc-Andre Ladouceur had a hard time during the course of the day and finished 24th and 13th respectively. Having made his entry into the final day somewhere in between, a single coin flip changed Sylvia’s fate incredibly, making him the final table’s chip leader. Play will resume on the 28th of October, 2012. Winning the tournament’s largest jackpot worth $16 million in chips, and the coin flip, Sylvia showed aggression as he continued efforts in building his stack. With a total of $43.87 million in chips, Sylvia enters the main event final table and his aggression was demonstrated in the confrontation with Scott Abrams.


How the game progressed

With only 12 players left, Abrams was placed third in the moment and appeared to have sealed his deal to October. The blinds were at 120,000/240,000 when Russell Thomas opened the 500,000 pot. Sylvia, Abrams and Steven Gee called and the flop was Kh-7d-3d. After Gee wagered 1.45 million, Sylvia raised the stakes to 3.4 million. This saw Abrams re-raise to 7 million. After Gee and Thomas folded, Sylvia had Abrams covered and moved all-in. This made Abrams call instantly and reveal Kd-Jd for a flush draw and top pair. Sylvia’s middle set showed 7-7, which meant that she had to avoid a diamond on the river and turn. With every eye in the Amazon Room glued to the screen over the table, the 6c and the 0c was placed on the board by the dealer, awarding Sylvia a pot of $44 million. This ensured Sylvia’s place on the final table while Abrams was eliminated shockingly in 12th place.

More action

With eleven players left, the 2 remaining women grabbed all the attention as they also had the 2 shortest stacks. Gaelle Baumann had double via Elisabeth Hille earlier that night, creating some more drama. While Hille was going well for most parts of the day, the setback turned out to be too hard for her to recover from. Hille’s aggression throughout the night and her three-bet-all-in over Andras Koroknai’s raise made him ask for a count which he then called and showed 7-7 to her A-Q. The race was lost for Hille and she was out in 11th place.

This group will be analysed for the following few months and more will be learnt about them, but one thing is for certain – these are 9 remarkably talented players, all set to take their careers to advanced heights. Click here for more stories on the World Series of Poker Championships.


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