Nick Jivkov Takes Home the $1500 PLO Event Bracelet

Friday, nine players took to the tables at the WSOP 2012 $1500 PLO event. At the end of the day, Nick Jivkov won the bracelet. When Day 3 of the PLO match started, many though that it would conclude in just a few short hours. However, as heads-up was underway, they knew that it would take more time. Heads-up lasted for two levels. Click here to read about updates on the next WSOP 2012 event.

Poker Professionals Take to the Felt

Day 1 of the event saw 639 players go up against each other. Among them were poker professionals like Barry Greenstein, Gavin Smith, Shaun Deeb, Johnathan Little, Daniel Negreanu, John Juanda, Antonio Esfandiari and Nam Le. Phil Ivey took part in the event after a year’s hiatus from the WSOP. By the time day 2 commenced, only Esfandiari, Juanda, Le and Negreanu, from the list of professionals, had made it.

Esfandiari Leaves Game in 44th Place Though he Started the Day in the Lead

In the lead was Esfandiari, who was the most likely to make a deep run. However, he was sent out of the game in 44th place. Day 2, which started with 71 players, was brought down to 22 after just six levels. A few other poker professionals eliminated were – Nam Le in 16th, John Juanda in 18th and Terrance Chan in 38th.

Day 3 saw three final tables fight to earn their place in the event. One of the players most rooted for, was Negreanu, who was in 6th place in chip count when he started playing at the final table. Bryan Pellegrino, Jonathan Aguiar and Tommy Vedes were some of the others at the final table. When the last hand was dealt, just nine remained.

Most Final Tablers had Less than 20 Big Blinds

Seven players from the nine at the final table had less than 20 big blinds. This pushed some of the players to go all-in. Among them was Pellegrino, who started with 790,000. The first to get sent to the rail after going all-in was Keanu Tabali. With 10c-10h, he went all-in pre-flop against Pellegrino’s 9s-8c. By the time the hand reached the river, the latter had made a two pair, and sent Tabali to the rail in 9th place.

The next player to be eliminated was John Eames, who went all-in against Jivkov. Eames’ Ad-6s was no match for the As-Ah in Jivkov’s hand. Brant Hale left in 7th place after he became the short-stack. On an all-in move against Vedes, Hale found that his Js-5h was no match for the As-10d in Vedes’ hand.

Mike Allis was sent to the rail against Jivkov after a few rounds of doubling through his opponents. Negreanu was next to leave the table when he faced a board that did not allow him to improve his A-Q against the A-J Jivkov held. Vedes too did not stand a chance when he went up against Jivkov. After a few hands, Aguiar and Pellgrino were eliminated, leaving Jivkov the winner.

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