Matt Matros Wins Third Consecutive Bracelet at the WSOP in a 6-Handed Event

Matt Matros won a bracelet in the WSOP 2012 6-Handed No Limit Hold’em event, which had a $1,500 buy-in. This is his third successive win at the tournament. When he went into heads-up play, he faced-off against fellow bracelet winner from 2011 – Mark Radoja, who had played in the first No-Limit Hold’em/PLO event to be held at the WSOP this year.

WSOP 2012

Day 3 – Final Table 

Day 3 started with just 9 players, a small number considering the starting field of 1,604. For his win at the event, Matros got $454,835 in prize money. This has taken his WSOP career winnings to $1,350,031. Previously, he had made in-the-money finishes in 23 events.

The final table, which comprised of two gold bracelet winners, was close to having another two – Matt Glantz and Mike. Once the final table was formed, there were only a few showdowns. Most eliminations followed huge chip movements across the table. Matros was the only player to grind his way at the final table – he made it from fifth in the six-handed session to the top spot.

Heads-up Play

When heads-up play started, Matros and Radoja were almost even in chip count; however, the latter managed to upset the balance in his favor in a hand where he landed a two pair on the flop and a boat on the river. With Matros check-calling his move, Radoja was able to take the lead which was extended by 2.5:1 when he landed trips on another river. Though it looked like the player would win the bracelet in the event this year, Matros did not give up.

A few hands down the line, the player landed a massive pot when the turn helped him make a two pair with which he check-raised, only to have Radoja call the big bet. In the last hand in the event, from under the button, Radoja made the opening bet with 100,000. Matros called this with his 10d-5d to see a flop which brought 10d-9h-2h.

After he checked, a bet of 100,000 was made by Radoja which Matros called. When the turn brought 8s, Matros put 175,000 into the pot. However, Radoja raised this to 475,000, which brought an all-in from Matros. Having made a straight on the board with his Jh-7s, Radoja called this move. The river brought a 10h, which helped him win the tournament with a 5h-6h.

According to Matros, winning the first bracelet was an affirmation that his choice of poker as a career, was right. When the bracelet was followed up with another at the tournament last year, the player was excited. According to Matros, he will need time to think about what his latest win means. By winning his bracelets consecutively, Matros has made it to the league of six players to have accomplished this.

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