Full Vote Repeal a Possibility for Washington DC Online Gambling Bill

A 3-2 vote from the Finance and Revenue Committee based in Washington DC, sent internet gambling legislation for the region to a repeal by full council vote. According to Jack Evans, a council member who has been opposed to the legalization of real money poker online USA, he voted to repeal. He stated that this gives council members the chance to vote based on their view on online gambling. It is possible that the full council vote will take place sometime in the coming weeks.

Michael Brown Added Internet Gambling Initiative in 2010

Based on a report in The Washington Post, it is possible that nine of the twelve members of the council will vote to repeal. The initiative for internet gambling was added by council member Michael Brown to the year’s budget bill which was passed. In a committee meeting that was held recently, he defended the legislation. He went on to state that repealing internet gambling is in favor of casinos. According to Brown, casinos are eager to have online gaming federalized. If that happens, DC will have to forfeit any revenue it is likely to make if it legalizes it.

Legislation may be Reintroduced if Repeal is Successful

In case the repeal takes place, it is likely that Brown will reintroduce the legislation. However, if he does this, he will face opposition from others. An activist, who is against the online gambling bill, stated that if Brown brings back a similar legislation, people will resist it strongly. Muriel Bowser believes that one of the reasons many in DC have been opposed to the current legislation is the way it was passed. He also clarified that it is unlikely that residents are completely opposed to legalized online poker. The bill may go through the first round of voting on the 7th of February.

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