Frankenberger Wins Bracelet in Pot Limit Hold’em World Championship ($10,000 buy-in)

Andy Frankenberger won prize money of $445,899 and the bracelet to the Pot Limit Hold’em World Championship ($10,000 buy-in) event after he defeated Phil Ivey, who already has eight gold WSOP bracelets to his name. Frankenberger surprised many with this win, as he had to make his way from being the short stack at the final table, to the top. On the other hand, Ivey dominated the table in the lead for most of the day. For his persistenc, he took home $275,559. The bracelet from this event is the second for Frankenberger. With the prize money from the championship, his lifetime earnings is close to $2.5 million.

WSOP 2012

Ivey is a tough opponent 

According to Frankenberger, adjusting to Ivey’s playing style was a challenge. During the game, Ivey made big wagers, which put Frankenberger in tough spots. However, when Frankenberger bet the pot, he was able to get Ivey to fold quite fast. The last day of the event commenced with 17 players at the table. It was only after a few grueling hours of play that the numbers reduced to make it the official final table. By the time the final nine started playing, Ivey was in the chip lead.

Final table 

Besides Ivey and Frankenberger, the table had top poker players like Ali Eslami, Shaun Deeb, Matt Marafioti and Hoyt Crokins. The first player to leave the table was Crokins. His pocket nines did not stand a chance against the A-J in Manuel Bevand’s hand when the board showed A-10-8-J-10. The next elimination was of Daniel Weinman which did not happen until four hours after the ninth place exit. Weinman was sent to the rail when he went all-in pre-flop with his K-Q. He faced-off against Frankenberger, who entered the pot with his Q-Q.

In a hand against Eslami, Matt Marafioti’s stack suffered when he went all-in against Alexander Venovski with his A-2. His opponent’s A-10 bested his hand to make a Broadway straight. Deeb was the next to go after another all-in move which saw him send his A-K into the pot, against the 6-6 Frankenberger held. When the board brought a J-10-6-Q-Q, Deeb’s straight did not stand a chance against his opponent’s trips.

The next elimination took quite some time. The player to go was Bevand, who played his pocket jacks against the A-K Frankenberger held. When the turn brought an ace, Bevand’s stack was brought down by a large percentage. The next hand saw him get eliminated when he moved all-in with 45,000, holding a 6-4.

Venovski left at the hands of Ivey when he shoved with his A-Q preflop. Ivery’s 7-7 helped him take the pot. With this, the game entered three-handed play. In one hand, Frankenberger doubled through Eslami who had A-K, which reduced the latter’s chip stack. Two hands later, Eslami went all-in and lost with a K-Q against Frankenberger’s 8-8 on an A-9-4-6-A board. Read more about the WSOP 2012 events on

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