DOJ Announcement Intensifies Struggle for Online Poker Legalization

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) reviewed the Wire Act just before Christmas and issued a clarification. According to the announcement made by the DOJ, the Wire Act is applicable solely on sports betting. Real money poker online USA is not likely to be bound by the law as the game is not chance-based. Since the announcement was made, the Congress has been pressurized by the online gambling industry to regulate poker as early as possible.

Lobbyists Urging for Online Poker Regulation

Lawmakers as well as lobbyists for online gambling are urging for poker to be regulated within the US. Washington DC will start offering online poker and blackjack from April 2012. The online poker bill in New Jersey has already been approved by its governor, Chris Christie. He stated that New Jersey has the potential to become the hub of online gambling. Poker Player Alliance’s executive director, John Pappas stated that the US will legalize online poker soon. In a statement, he mentioned that the first few months of the year are vital, as the Congress is expected to take some important decisions during this time.

Those against the legalization of online gambling are of the opinion that US states are small and weak financially. They are not capable of facing the challenges of online gambling. Hence, the Congress should take a definitive stand right away. However, State officials are confident that establishing a regulatory framework for online poker will bring positive results.

Connecticut, California and New Jersey to Follow in the Footsteps of Washington DC

After the DOJ’s announcement, quite a few states apart from Washington DC are planning to offer online poker services in the near future. Some of these states are Iowa, Connecticut, New Jersey and California. These states are expected to formulate laws for internet gambling during their respective legislative sessions. All these states are eager to establish a regulatory framework for online poker as it has the scope for becoming a great source for generating revenues. This will help deal with the financial crunch which the states are currently facing.

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