Brent Hans Wins WSOP Event 2 – Earns Close to $517,730

Brent Hanks, a player who had made it to the final table at three WSOP events in the past, landed the bracelet for the second event of this year’s WSOP. The event, which was the first No Limit Hold’em with a $1,500 buy-in, had JP Kelly with 610,000, Michael Kaufman with 437,000, Ryan Scmidt with 1,200,000 and Vanessa Selbst with 1,327 among the nine final tablers, saw Bren Hanks with 1,558,000 as the second in chip count.

When the day started, Hanks was just 1 of 2,101 players to enter the event However, a few hours into the game, the player had earned one of the top stacks. He went on to best players like JP Kelly, who was looking at making his third bracelet in the event. Many who were watching the event stated that Kelly’s seating was not in his favour. This was one of the factors that led him to face swings that pared his stack to just 120,000.


Kelly’s Downward and Upward Swings

From under the gun, Jacob Bazeley made a min-raise with 40,000. Selbst called this from middle position. Kelly then went all-in from the cut-off position. Abdel Konjuhi played from the small blind, which pushed Selbst and Bazeley out. Following this, Kelly showed his As-Qs, which could not best the Kd-Kh in Konjuhi’s hand. When the board brought Jc-5d-3d-9h-6c, Kelly had just enough to post six big blinds.

The next hand saw Kelly move in with a Kd-Qd. His opponent, Badecker, had A-A, after which, the likelihood that Kelly’s hand could be saved, was close to zero. However, when the board showed a 6s-Qs-Qh, he was back in the game. His moves in the later hand did not let him build his stack. After half an hour of making the three of a kind with the queens, he had just enough to post one big blind.

Despite having a tough run at the felt, Kelly played his short stack with a 5c-4s, which helped him on a board that showed 2-6-3. This move helped him bring his chip stack to 57,000, which was still quite small compared to those of his opponents. Kelly finished eighth in the event, when Park was sent to the rail in ninth place. Kelly’s exit was a result of a run-in between his Jd-4h and Hanks’ As-Qs. Kelly left the game with $49,621.

Hanks Takes Home the Top Prize

Hanks, who went on to win the event, took home close to $517,730. The final table results were – Jacob Bazeley in second place with $322,294, Andrew Badecker finishing third with $224,029 and Vanessa Selbst in fourth place with $161,345. The last three players besides Kelly and Park were Ryan Schmidt, Adbyl Konjuhi, Michael Kaufman with $177,921, $87,231 and $65,377. Stay tuned to the latest happenings at the WSOP 2012 on


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