Betfair Offering Exclusive Packages to WSOP 2012

Betfair is offering 28 exclusive packages worth $4000 each to WSOP 2012 in Las Vegas to its real money poker online players through a series of qualifier games held weekly on the site. The package includes flight fare, spending money, accommodation at a five star hotel and exclusive entries to WSOP events. 10 packages have already been won by Betfair players.

Experience WSOP 2012 by Winning Qualifiers at Betfair

The promotion, which began on the 12th of March and will end on the 27th of May, includes 11 individual qualification periods or trials. The overall qualification period is known as endurance trial. At present, the seventh qualifier or trial is being held at Betfair which began on the 23rd and will conclude on the 29th of April.

To qualify, players have to opt-in by entering their username, password and bonus code for the event. 25 player points should be earned during the trial period. Qualified players from each week will receive one ticket to the online final which will be held the following week at 21:00 CET on Wednesdays. Two winners from the final will receive the WSOP 2012 packages. In addition, they will also get more than $12,000 in prize money.

Players who earn more than 300 points during the endurance trial period will secure a seat in the grand final which will admit 50 players on 3rd June. By winning the grand final, players get the opportunity to win 6 packages.

Terms and Conditions of Betfair’s WSOP Package

Betfair will award tickets to the weekly trial finals of the promotion within 48 hours of the conclusion of each qualification period. The tickets are not transferable and it is the player’s responsibility to use the right ticket to register for a trial final at Betfair.

Players can qualify for all 11 of the WSOP trials in the promotion and the endurance trial. A prize pool of $500 will be shared by players finishing in places 3-20 of a trial final. Prize money worth $2500 will be allotted to players finishing in places 7 – 50 in the grand final. The money will be distributed according to the payout structure of multi-table tournament at Betfair.

Players who reside outside the US will require a valid travel visa to the country to avail the package. Winnings from the Betfair WSOP package will be taxed according to the local law and jurisdiction of each individual player. Players who have won a package and are under the age of 21 can transfer it to another player or exchange it for $2700 which will be credited directly into their Betfair account. Players who win more than one package will be awarded $2700 for each additional package, which will be transferred to another player.

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