Ashkan Razavi Wins WSOP Event 9, No-Win Streak for Women Continues

When it was clear that the final table for WSOP Event 9 would have a female player, many were hopeful that she would end the no-win streak for women. However, Ashkan Razavi put up a fierce fight, which made him the winner of the event and Amanda Musumeci, the runner-up. Razavi walked away with more than $781,000 in winnings, the biggest prize won at the 2012 WSOP. His journey to victory was helped by the lead he was able to take when he entered the three-handed session. 

From there, he was able to retain the lead – of 6.5:1 in heads-up play – despite the fact that he was faced with some of the toughest opponents at the final table. Razavi agreed that even the others, who were part of the final 30 were strong opponents. He stated that it was surprising that such good players were present in a $1,500 event. Having played through this field, Razavi has shown that he is very skilled player. To find out who the winners of other 2012 WSOP events are, click here.

Beginning of Final Table

When the day began, the first few orbits went by without incident. At that level, the maximum action was when players three-bet. However, once  the hands had been played, there was a flurry of activity at the table. Derrick Huang was one of the players responsible for this. From middle position, the player went all-in with 670,000. This was met with a re-shove from Dien Le, for 680,000.

All other players, except Greg Mueller folded. Mueller, the last to act in the round, made a request to discuss his hand. When Robbie Thompson, the announcer gave him the green signal, Mueller announced that he had an ace-king. After a few minutes of mulling over his decision, Mueller folded. This left Huang and Le with K-Q and 8-8 in the hand. When J-T-7-J-9 showed up on the board, both rivered straights. However, as Huang’s hand had king high, he got the pot.

This left Le with less than enough for the big blind. With that, he went all-in in the next hand, which saw him get eliminated by Huang. After Le went out in 9th place, Ben Reinhart, Mueller and Brian Rast left in 8th, 7th and 6th places respectively. The next to be sent to the rails were Duy Ho in 5th, Ryan Olisar in 4th and Huang in 3rd.


Heads-Up Play

Razavi’s lead in heads-up play was rivaled by Musumeci, who got close to bridging the gap when she doubled up with her J-7. She was able to make a flush on the river. However, a failed bluff on another river brought down her stack. In the last hand, Musumeci’s Q-9 did not stand a chance of winning against the K-10 in Razavi’s hand when the board brought T-7-2-4-K. This earned Razavi the bracelet and the title of the winner in the event.


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