WSOP Lightens Up on Table Talk

Over the last few years, the rules governing behavior at the poker table have been growing increasingly stringent. But it seems like the WSOP (World Series of Poker) officials are loosening up at last. Recently in a conference call, the representatives of the World Series discussed some changes that allow players to have some fun.

Most players complained that last year’s strict table talk restrictions put a damper on games. Although chatting was permitted, players were not allowed to talk about the contents of their opponent’s or their own hands. These rules were applicable even during heads up in a pot.

This year the rule has been slightly modified. While discussions about active hands are still not permitted, players are allowed to disclose the contents of their own hands, given that they do not display the cards and that no other players in the hand are required to make a decision.

Jack Effel, the Director of WSOP, explains the modified rule with an example – given that a player is all in and none of the others are left to act, he can openly disclose his cards. Effel adds that while the officials want players to lighten up a bit, certain restrictions are necessary for protection against collision and soft play. offers the latest news from the world of poker. To catch up on all the poker action, visit now.

Daniel Negreanu on table talk

Daniel Negreanu was one of the most vocal opponents of the last year’s stringent table talk policies. The player, famous for his table banter, expressed his feelings publicly on his blog, social media platforms like Twitter as well as during live tournament broadcasts. According to player, most of table banter has nothing to do with collusion. He further stated that the TDA (Tournament Director’s Association) claim that removing this rule is like making collusion legal is a big lie.

Negreanu pointed out the soft play and collusion have been illegal even before the implementation of the rule and will remain so. He later added that the ability to assess whether or not the opponents are bluffing is a major poker skill. The rule infringes on a skill that has been a part of poker since its inception.

WSOP officials on the stringent rules

Representatives of the World Series admit that they might have been a tad too strict in enforcing the rule. Ty Stewart, the Executive Director of WSOP, acknowledges that players are afraid to make use of verbal strategy, which is an integral aspect of poker, because of the rules. Keeping this in mind, the officials have decided to loosen up a bit.

Along with table banter, WSOP officials are loosening their stand on poker table celebrations as well. While histrionics like those demonstrated by Hevad “RaiNKhAN” Khan during 2007 WSOP are still not allowed, players are permitted to show their emotions.

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