WSOPC $1,600 Main Event – Justin Truesdell Wins $204,748 and a Seat to National Championship

Monday, the WSOP Circuit $1,600 Main Event at Harrah’s New Orleans came to an end with Justin Truesdell taking home all the chips. The day started with 694 players, a number that was reduced to the final nine, just eight hours into the event. In addition to wining the top prize of $204,748, Truesdell also earned a seat to the National Championship. Stay tuned to WSOP 2012 with, which covers the latest happenings in the world of poker.

Martinez – First Elimination in First Round

The first elimination took place in the first round of the game. Ramon Martinez was sent to the rails when he played against Daniel Lowery on a flop showing 5h-5d-3c. From the cut off position, Martinez led with 75,000, which was called by Lowery. Martinez then checked when a 4d landed on the turn. This brought a bet of 93,000 from Lowery. Martinez went all-in, a move that was called by Lowery. During showdown, Lowery and Martinez revealed their hands. Lowery held Ac-4c, while Martinez had Ad-6c. Though the game was in favor of Martinez at this point, he was eliminated with $19,156 in 9th place when the river brought Kd.

Despite Getting Straight Draws Miro Leaves

A few hands later, Dominic Gabaldon and George Miro went all in with Jd-Jc and Ad-Jh respectively. Miro, who was looking to improve his hand on the flop, got straight out draws when the street showed 10c-Qc-6h. However, when the river and turn brought 5s-4d, Miro left the table with $24,130. The next player to be sent to the rail was Shane Smith. Following his elimination, the pot grew to become one of the largest in the game. Two players were in it – Anthony Vidmer and Andrew Nguyen.

With an Ah-Ad, Nguyen re-raised the hand to 505,000, which brought an all-in from Vidmer who had As-Ks. Nguyen called this, only to see the flop bring 2s-9s-Kd, which gave Vidmer an advantage not many would get against an opponent who has a pair of Aces. Despite this, Nguyen stayed. The turn and river brought Jh and 10h which helped him take down a 4.4 million pot. Vidmer was left with just 1.6 million.

Short-Stack Hallen Eliminated in 6th Place, Chip Leader Vidmer Sent Out in 3rd

Michael Hallen, the short-stack, was sent to the rail by Lowrey. Hallen’s As-Jh was no match for Lowery’s As-Kc on a board that showed 10c-6c-7d-hs-8c. The next player to get eliminated was Gabaldon, whose Ks-10s did not fare well against the Js-Jh Nguyen had on a 2s-7h-4s-8h-5d board. A few rounds later, Lowery and Truesdell played against each other. Lowery’s Qc-Qs were no match for Truesdell’s Jc-Jh on a turn with Jd. Lowery walked away with $69,105 in fourth place. Vidmer exited next after he three-bet and went all-in with Kc-10s. Nguyen called with Ac-7c. By the end of the hand the board had As-8s-5h-Kh-3h and Vidmer who was in the lead with his chip stack was sent out in third place.

Heads-Up Play: Between Nguyen and Truesdell

Following this, heads-up play commenced between Nguyen and Truesdell. In the hand that brought the latter a massive pot, Truesdell doubled a bet to 12.6 million and made a flush hand. This was followed by the last hand in which Truesdell went all-in with As-5h. The move was called by Nguyen for a little less than one million with 4d-2d. On a board with Js-3s-6h-10d-8s, Truesdell bagged the top place.

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