Young Poker Player David Baker Wins in a HORSE Event at WSOP

David Baker, though one of the young poker players, is unlike them in his choice of poker games. While most youngsters opt for Hold’em events, Baker tries his hand at other events. He proved that despite not specializing in a variant, it is possible to win a gold bracelet at the WSOP – not once, but twice. At the HORSE event (with a $10,000 buy-in), which was held early this week, Baker won his second gold WSOP bracelet.

Hist first win was at a No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven event in 2010, which had a $10,000 buy-in requirement. His latest victory, for which he had to best John Monnette in heads-up play, brought him close to $300,000 in prize money. Baker stated that this win meant more to him than his first, as it was more challenging, with several good poker players at the final table. Between them, they had 25 gold bracelets, making them a formidable set to play against.

Final Table

WSOP 2012

The first elimination from the final table was of Dan Kelly, who was also the youngest among the players. In a Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo event, he went all-in on the 6th street. His opponent was Phil Hellmuth, who recently bagged a bracelet and a grand payday in a Razz event. When Hellmuth’s cards beat Kelly’s in both the low and high hands, the latter was sent to the rail and the former was able to take his chip stack to 1.5 million. Matt Waxman was the next to leave after his chip stack started dwindling. It became worse when he placed a number of bets on the first few streets of the Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo event, only to be forced to fold to Phil Ivey on the sixth. With just 250,000 remaining, he was bested by Monnette in another hand in the game.

Monnette continued his upward swing after this, to take his chip stack over the 2 million mark, and become the first to do this. However, on the other side of the table, Ivey was slipping into the position of the short stack – especially after Baker took both halves of the pot in a hand, leaving Ivey with close to 200,000. Ivey was not alone in the slide down, Abe Mosseri too was with him. Paul Sokoloff took a number of chips from Mosseri in a Limit Hold’em game, after which it was straight to the rails for the latter, when he went all-in against Baker in an Omaha Hi-Lo hand.

A few hands later, Ivey too left the table in a Razz hand against Monnette. Ivey headed off to the Pot Limit Omaha event (6 max) with a $5,000 buy-in, for which he had registered but couldn’t play till then as he was part of the final table in the HORSE event.

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