Timothy Adams and Ylon Schwartz win Their First Bracelets at the WSOP

The twenty first day of the WSOP saw two more players – Ylon Schwartz and Timothy Adams – earn their first WSOP gold bracelets. Schwartz made his mark in the poker circuit with his win in the $1,500 HORSE event and Adams, in the No-Limit Hold’em 4-Handed event, which required a $2,500 buy-in.


On the last day of the HORSE event, only two players besides Schwartz, returned to the final table. They were David Chiu and Stephen Chidwick. Schwartz’s victory in the event brought him prize money of $267,081. The first player to leave the table was Chidwick, who did not stand a chance on a board that brought 7-9-8-5-Q. In this Omaha Hi-Lo event, Chidwick placed 500,000 chips in the pot, which brought a bet from Schwartz on the river. After much deliberation, Chidwick called it with his A-Q-10-10, which missed a flush draw, but landed a top pair on the river. This was bested by the straight that Schwartz made with 7-6-6-4.

WSOP 2012

In the hand that sealed the fate of the final two in heads-up play, Chiu had 2-A-6-2, and Schwartz, 3-4-7-7. Chiu’s bets on the 4th and 5th streets were called by Schwartz, who then went on to make a raise on the sixth. This brought a re-raise from Chiu, which then pushed Schwartz to make a four-bet. After betting on the seventh street, Chiu was check-raised by Schwartz. The former called the bet, only to see that the latter had made quad  sevens. This brought down Chiu’s stack to just 200,000. From here, it was quite easy for Schwartz to pare down his opponent’s stack.

4-Handed No Limit Hold’em Event

When the 4-Handed No Limit Hold’em event with a $2,500 buy-in went in to the third day, there were eight players. However, one level down, the table had lost three players. With Greg Merson’s elimination a few hands later, the official final table was formed. Anthony Gregg was the next to go as his A-3 did not stand a chance of winning against the pocket queens that Brendon Rubie had.

3-handed play went on for quite a few hands. James Schaaf was sent to the rails in third place in a hand where Rubie and he added 48,000 to the pot pre-flop. However, when the flop brought Q-2-2, Schaaf check-raised to see a Q on the turn. This brought a check from both players, following which another Q landed on the river. When Schaaf bet 175,000, Adam went all-in. The former called this with pocket 4s, but it was bested by the pocket 10s that Adams held.

Heads-up play went on for four hours, at the end of which, Adam and Rubie went all-in. On a board with 8-Q-10-5-A, Adam’s A-Q helped him win, while the KQ in Rubie’s hand brought him the place of the runner-up and $242,458 in prize money. To read more about the events taking place at the WSOP, click here.

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