PokerStars Will Meet Players in April

PokerStars Will Meet Players in April

The world’s largest online poker room, PokerStars announced that it will meet its players in the Isle of Man in April 2012. The key reason behind holding the meetings is that PokerStars wants to discuss few sensitive issues. Representatives from a few online poker forums will be sent to take part in the discussions which will take place between April 11th and 13th.

One of the most well-known online poker forums, Two Plus Two published a message to inform its members regarding the PokerStars meetings. The moderator of Two Plus Two, Mike Haven, has been asked by a PokerStars representative, Steve to chalk out the method of selecting representatives who will be a part of the discussions.

PokerStars Reveals the Benefits of Holding the Meetings

Steve revealed the benefits of PokerStars members meeting players. The meeting will help the poker room know players’ opinion on various policies introduced by the site in the recent past. PokerStars has always taken players’ feedback into consideration. Such feedbacks play a key role in the decisions taken by the management. Feedback on site software can be best provided by players as they are using it.

Another benefit of holding the meeting is to make players aware of the key motives behind the actions taken by PokerStars. The poker room wants to make its players understand that all policies are introduced with positive intentions. However, PokerStars is not likely to discuss financial details in the meetings as such information is confidential, and is generally not revealed by private firms.

The company also hopes that the meetings will minimize the communication gap between the PokerStars team and its players.

Meetings Arranged Due to Players’ Outrage

A few months ago, PokerStars announced a few changes in its VIP program and rake structure. The changes angered PokerStars players who posted outrageous comments on online forums. Players were extremely angry at the changes in the system of calculating rake back. After the changes, weighted contribution method is being used to calculate the rake back for players instead of the ‘dealt’ method used before.

Under the old system, all players in ring games received an equal share of the rake. In the new system, players will get rake back on the basis of how much they contribute towards the pot. Most regular players do quite a few pre-flop folding. So, they are likely to lose out on many opportunities to earn VIP points in the new system. If a player earns less VIP points, he will get less frequent player points which can be converted into tournament entries and cash prizes.

Due to the new VIP structure, a sit-out protest took place at PokerStars on New Year’s Day. The protest was curbed by the poker site but the firm is now taking initiatives to listen to its player’s grievances.

PokerStars Celebrating the Anniversary of Women’s Sunday

Apart from player meetings, more developments are happening at PokerStars. The online poker room is celebrating the first anniversary of its popular tournament called Women’s Sunday. A photographic competition is on at the site which is giving the top 10 winners free entries to Women’s Sunday. The overall champion of the competition will get a PokerStars Sunday Million entry ticket for free.

As a part of the Women’s Sunday anniversary celebrations, the site is offering poker enthusiasts an opportunity to interact with the female pros in PokerStars team. To meet PokerStars women pros, players have to take part in freerolls held by the site. Apart from meeting the pros, players can win big prizes through the freerolls.

To be a part of the photography competition, players have to enter the Female Flickr Photo competition and submit photos.


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