iPoker Network to Change Rake Collection System on March 1st

On the first of March, the real money online poker USA rake collection system at iPoker Network will undergo a big change. Currently, the network is using dealt distribution system. This will be changed to the latest weighted rake. The new system will be implemented by all the skins that use the network. Some of these sites are Mansion Poker, William Hill and Bet365. Recently, PokerStars implemented the same change to its rake system. However, it faced a lot of resistance from its players.

Rake will be Determined by Money Added to Pot

Through the new system, sites using iPoker Network will collect rake based on the amount of money a player adds to a pot. Players will get points according to the rake collected in a hand. The old dealt distribution system provided the same rakeback to players irrespective of the amount they contributed. This meant that even if a player folded his hand at the pre-flop stage, he would get the same number of points as others who would have gone for a showdown.

High-Rollers and Loose Players to Benefit from Change

The weighted system has been introduced following a change in poker rooms’ preference for the way money was being contributed to the rake. Previously, the poker rooms prioritized the number of players in a hand. Now, the networks feel the need to reward players according to the amount they wager. With the new system, players will get more points if they add more to the pot and vice versa.

This will be very beneficial to high-rollers and loose players who wager a lot. Tight players who fold more often and low-rollers who wager small amounts will get lesser VIP points than loose players who stay in a game and high-rollers that wager big. So, tight players will be forced to choose between their game-style and the amount they wager, to retain their VIP level at the poker rooms they play at. A few players believe that this change in rake distribution may force tight players and low-rollers to leave sites that adopt this system. Industry watchers say that the high volume players at most sites fold a lot pre-flop.

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