Bally Technologies to Team up with Aristocrat

Chances of online gambling legalization happening in the US this year are high. In such a scenario, big gambling firms are keen on positioning themselves just right to benefit from the changes, if they do come through. The most recent news in this regard is from Bally Technologies and Aristocrat Technologies. These two companies have announced that they are joining hands in a strategic partnership.

Will Offer the Same Poker Networks to Operators

Both Bally and Aristocrat are all set to tweak their business- to- business online gaming solutions so that they both offer the same third party poker network. This network will be offered to U.S. operators. This partnership will strengthen the product offerings of either company, it is believed. Going by the buzz in the industry, together, these two giants will be able to move quickly and more efficiently to bring exciting new online poker games.

These games will be of such high quality that players will enjoy a truly memorable experience. Alongside the better player experience, this alliance is expected to result in greater functionality with these games as well as increased poker liquidity for both companies.

Who Will Benefit?

The casino operator customers of Bally and Aristocrat are the ones who will benefit directly from this alliance. However, the players frequenting these casinos will also enjoy the better gaming experience, without doubt. Bally and Aristocrat propose to work out arrangements with many of the top rated poker brands in the market today to integrate them into the iGaming platform offered by this alliance.

As of now both Aristocrat and Bally offer iGaming platforms though through different business deals. Bally has almost concluded its acquisition of the iGaming platform that was originally Chiligaming’s ‘property’. Aristocrat has an exclusive tie up with Game Acount Network, giving it access to this platform.

Banking on the Legalization Attempts in U.S.

The announcement make it quite evident that these two leading slot game and casino management system suppliers are banking heavily on the expectation that the U.S. government will ease up on gambling laws in near future. The companies are hoping to share their slot content through online casinos in the U.S. Recent endeavors by politicians in the states of California and New Jersey have encouraged hope that some changes may be forthcoming soon, making this possible.

The good news for U.S. players is that games will be introduced in free play mode until online gambling is legalized in these states. These suppliers will also be supporting their casino operator customers to give players a great online poker gaming experience when these come within the legal framework. To make their products stand out, both Bally and Aristocrat will take special care to tailor make their offerings to the U.S. audience. By bringing the best gaming systems and superlative gaming content, they hope to capture the enormous market that the lightening up of the current gaming prohibition laws will bring about.

Bally Technologies to Enter Into a Project with Marina del Sol Casino

Bally Technologies made an announcement a month ago that it will deploy new systems technologies at Chile’s Marina del Sol Casino. Bally will provide a host of market leading products to the casino as a part of the project. Advanced technology has been selected by Marina del Sol including SDS(TM)/CMP(TM) 12, a system of tracking players, a media-management system called Cool Sign(R) resort-wide, Bally Power Bonusing system, sweepstakes and a few bonus events.

Nicolas Imschenetzky Ebensperger, the president of Marina del Sol stated that his firm was confident that Bally will take interest in the project and provide the best technology solutions in the industry.


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