Lewis Hunter Wins GUKPT Title and ₤49,600

The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) commenced a few days ago in Manchester’s G Casino. The field had 171 players who placed a buy-in of ₤1,070 and bought 20,000 chips for the tournament. When the event came to a close, Lewis Hunter was the winner who took home ₤49,600. Most of the players in the event were British. Some of the widely recognized poker professionals were Jake Cody, John Eames, Sunny Chatta and Will Fry. However, these players did not make it to the top seventeen places, which were given the prize money.

Hunter Nearly Loses after an All-In Move

Hunter winning the event came as a surprise to many. At one point in the game, he nearly lost his stack when he went all-in playing on the bubble. With a 10-10 hand, he was up against the A-A Kevin Steele held. Eventually, he managed to keep his pocket tens and his stack. In that hand, Dan Samson was taken down. His elimination made him the bubble boy, the first in the GUKPT this year. His A-J went all-in against Gary Holden’s K-K. While the board did not bring an A to complete his hand, it gave Holden a full house. At this point, the bubble had burst.

Bubble Bursts, Players Guaranteed ₤2,140

All the remaining players in the game were guaranteed a minimum of ₤2,140. In no time, more players were lining up at the exit. Alongside, aggressive players were able to add to their stacks. One of the players who did this quite successfully was Sam Grafton. He was one of the nine at the final table and the only one to have more than a million in chips. However, he was unable to put the stack to good use. A few other players at the official final table were Allan Doyle, Gary Holden, Danny Blair, Lewis Hunter and Chris Kadji.

Kicker Brings Win to Hunter

Doyle went through Grafton prior to making a bet pre-flop with 500,000 chips and Q-J in hand. A similar move was made by Lewis with an A-9. It sent Grafton to the rail. Finishing fourth was Blair, who took away ₤13,250, the biggest cash he has made in his career. Doyle, who was taken down in third place, walked away with ₤21,800. The heads-up play was between Steele and Hunter. It went on for about an hour. Hunter won by just a small difference in the kicker. While he held A-10, Steele had a close A-9. The flop brought an ace-high. But the river did not help improve Steele’s hand, landing Hunter in the first place.

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